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Our Private Chef Service offers gourmet personalized food, cooked to your taste and prepared at your accommodation in Aruba. 

A personal Chef can cook a delicious, healthy meal, which you can sit down with your family in little or no time. Spend less money and eat healthier than when going out to restaurants everyday or buying take-out meals. This service saves you a lot of time – you don’t need any meal planning, grocery shopping, putting away your groceries or preparing food; even the cleaning up afterwards is not your concern anymore.

For private dinners our Chef Service is the perfect option. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two on location or a sit-down, 3-, 4- or 5-course dinner at your villa or apartment, no matter how large the party, our Chefs can do it. Even a Chef’s Surprise Gourmet Table belongs to the options. We work with a variety of different Chefs and you can select your own favorite Chef (s). Just inform us what you want and we will come up with suggestions and menus. Everything is possible!!

Our Chefs also offer breakfast, lunch, brunch or a BBQ. Complete your perfect vacation with our Private dinner service.

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