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Barbulet Concierge offers the unique experience to have a Private Yoga session at your vacation villa or condo. What is more relaxing then practicing Yoga in the comfort of your vacation home? We work with certified Yoga teachers and classes are for all levels. The Yoga teacher will bring the mats, blocks, straps or whatever is necessary for the Yoga session.

If you would like to exercise during your stay, we can also find you the perfect gym for your work out. We can assist you with any other exercises or a personal trainer as well.


Un-wine with a private yoga class that adds a little extra flavor to the practice! Move through a fun and breezy wine-down yoga practice while sipping on a delicious glass of vino. Find balance between mind, body, spirit, as well as peace of mind, joy and delight. 
During the Wine Down Yoga you will also have the opportunity to taste the trendiest wines for the season.



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